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Hojai, Assam

Smart Class
The idea of smart class is a complementary feature of educational environment of the college. Since its inception, teaching has acquired new significance as it instils curiosity and generates interest among the students. We use all interactive modules in smart class along with accessories like videos, document camera, projector, presentations etc. and these visually attractive methods of live teaching becomes appealing to students who are already struggling with the traditional manner of teaching in classroom. Smart boards have all information memory and can be presented during class hours with video animations etc. to simulate time to attend to other important areas of teaching learning and to make the curriculum interesting. The idea of education being ‘infotainment’, a blend of entertainment information, is what the smart class seeks to justify.

Residential Facility
The college provides excellent hostel facilities, spacious room with proper bathroom and toilet facilities. Students are under constant guidance and care within the hostel campus by experienced trained staff. The students are  encouraged to tuned to  the virtues of  discipline, manners and punctuality with due respect to their individuality. Mental as well as physical development  are made through extra curricular activities like Quiz, Painting, Debate,sports  competitions etc. The hostel ensures a healthy  competitive environment aiming at the hoistic development of the residents.

Games and Sports
Games and sports have been one of the important foci of the college’s endeavour to facilitate all-round development of students’ physical and mental abilities. Every year an Annual Social Meet is organized in the College where along with cultural activities, indoor and outdoor sports are held to give a major boost to games and sports and to other extracurricular activities of the students.

Science Lab
The Science lab of Ajmal College of Arts, Commerce and Science is an initiative to explore the minds of the youths and inculcate in them the practical aspects of academics to match with the technologies of the present league of education, shortening the gap of learning and providing the means for them to learn how to share, reuse and reproduce new ideas in a co-ordinated and innovative way resulting in a global way of learning science. Laboratory facilities are an integral part of any science discipline. The college has therefore arranged laboratory facilities with modern equipments for Physics, Chemistry and Biology to aid the teaching faculties to cater to the need of the students.

The College Library has a large collection of books as well as audio-visual materials at par with the latest guidelines of AHSEC. The Library also has books to assist students appearing for competitive examinations. It also subscribes to a number of magazines and daily newspapers in English, Assamese and Bengali. 

Computer Lab
In the wake of the phenomenon of information technology sweeping across all boarders, the college has also ensured a well-equipped and innovative computer Laboratory to minimize the void between students hailing from different backgrounds. The computer Lab of the college is open for students and teachers alike to enable a better adaptation of the upcoming generation with the all pervading changes. The computer Lab is instituted in accordance with the AHSEC guidelines to benefit the student community by moulding them into technology-savvy individuals.